¿who are we? what do we do??

We are DoulCi. We unblock any iPhone, iPad or iPad that is blocked in the process of activation of iCloud. We are a team made up of engineers, iOS developers who found a real solution to their problem. DoulCi Activator was a great success in the past from iOS 7.

¿Whats is Doulci Activator Tool?

DoulCi Activator Tool is a tool that allows you to activate an iPhone, iPad or iPad with locked iCloud by running your own script on the activation server locally on your computer. This way, you can cheat your iPhone and make it believe that it is communicating with your Apple server, while our tool acts as an activation server.

¿How Doulci Activator Tool it Works?

It is very easy to use. You download the files, install them on your computer, connect your iDevice, it is activated with iTunes with the doulci tool and itunes running. After the process, restart your iPhone and it is unlocked.

¿Where can I find Doulci Activator Tool 2018?

The public release and support for the DoulCi Activator tool are terminated because they are no longer compatible with all current versions of iOS and iDevices. If you still want to download the iCloud unlocker for any iPhone up to iPhone 7 and iOS 11.1, you can download it by following this link. or you can download the new DoulCi Activator Server 2018 project from our new VPS CLOUD HOSTING.