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Cloud Server


A cloud server is actually a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered through the cloud computing platform over the Internet, and can be accessed remotely anytime, anywhere. We provide cloud computing that comes with enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) with highly scalable options, you can scale up and down your resources according to your business requirements. Actually, it’s the advanced version of the virtual private server. On the virtual private server you can also increase and decrease your resource, but that’s limited and on the cloud server, there’s no limit, it just depends on your business requirements.

You also get full access to the server console, so you have authority to make changes to the server through the console. And it’s also a cost-effective technology because it only pays for the resources it uses. It gives you the opportunity to start with less budget if your budget is lower or if you’re just starting, and after a while, if you think resources need to be increased, you can increase your budget. Usually, you’re only paying for the resources you’re using. You don’t need to spend a lot on the hardware or data center. It can also run on a hypervisor, and the role of a hypervisor is important in this because it controls the capacity of operating systems, so it is assigned where needed.



It gives you more redundancy, as well as if one server will fail for some reason, then others will automatically take its place. Cloud computing gives you the best protection. That data is always encrypted when transmitted and replicated across different servers and, in any case, your data is erased, it can be retrieved instantly.


Dedicated server

Dedicated servers are servers dedicated to you and only to you. Your server would be dedicated only to you and your resources would not be shared with anyone else. On the shared server, your server is shared with several other websites, and if any of them use your website anymore, it will automatically slow down your website, but on the dedicated server, your website will never be affected because your website is not shared with no one else. And also your website would always be protected against all kinds of hackers and malicious attacks.

You will also get high speed as the installed app and sites in general can load quickly and will never be affected or slowed due to other people. You will never receive any complaints or concerns due to sudden traffic on your website. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for your website and near-zero downtime. In any case, if your website suddenly receives heavy traffic, the dedicated server will be more stable and reliable than shared hosting. It gives you the flexibility to customize your server to your CPU, RAM, disk space, and software needs. You will even get your own unique IP address. Our package also includes 24/7 support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, helping to address maintenance and other issues. You don’t need to invest to build a team of IT professionals, and existing IT people don’t need to spend their time performing different server maintenance tasks, such as updating antivirus protection and managing updates local server. And in the meantime, they can focus on performing their core tasks, such as designing and implementing IT policies.


Private Virtual Server

The virtual private server is best for you if you just start your business and if the traffic is very low because it is generally ideal for start-ups. It is also preferred for medium-sized enterprises. It effectively bridges the gap between shared hosting limitations and dedicated server hosting flexibility. It has its own operating space, disk space, and bandwidth. You also don’t need to spend a lot to buy the hardware or build a data center because your provider will be fully responsible for managing your shared server.

A VPS is actually more secure than shared hosting, where thousands of websites are hosted on the single server and all these users have access through the same server. VPS also allocates more resources to your site, and you can extend it to add more resources whenever needed. It also gives you the flexibility to install any software your site needs, it has no restrictions on not installing any software. It is quite stable and offers many consistent services and will allow the webmaster to access the root level of the hosting server. It gives you maximum uptime to maintain your growth and performance 24*7. VPS web hosting is often one of the newest forms of web hosting that has recently gained popularity. It’s actually partitioned to have its own bandwidth, disk space, and operating system.

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